“I am a 65 year old woman with a passion for learning to play the Piano. I really can say nothing but good things about my beginning music training from Philip. I have tried several times to take music from other teachers. Never been successful. I can’t put my finger on it now except Phil knows just how to teach to keep a student interested. He comes to my home and that is a real plus. I am enjoying learning how to play a piano. Thanks Phil”

–Clara B.


“I’ve been singing my entire life but until I began lessons with Phil, I never knew I was missing an entire register! He makes me work but we have fun at the sametime. I’ve learned so much and have regained the joy of raising my voice in song. Thank you, Phil! “

–Kay T.


“I had no idea what I was getting into. Seriously.. I went to Phil expecting to learn the same old stuff any voice coach will teach you.. most of which can be found on youtube. But I was pleasantly surprised. Phil understands singing on a level that just blows my mind. But he doesn’t overwhelm you with his knowledge, he simply meets you where you are. So if you are serious about singing or even just a beginner, I can’t imagine finding a more qualified & effective teacher in the Dallas area.”

–Matthew G.


“My wife and I sing with several groups, each having different vocal styles and performance objectives. Phil’s training is equally applicable to all. He definitely helps us get more out of ourselves than we would on our own. And he does it with excellent explanations about “why” we’re doing this or that exercise. That helps us tote his training to our various vocal settings. Sherrill has been surprised to have moved from Alto to Soprano, and I have effectively added 3 – 5 notes to my once-bass, now bass-baritone range. We look forward to his sessions in our home, for the skills he brings and shares, and for his good humor.”

–Don and Sherrill B.


“Our son had been taking piano lessons for 2 years prior to taking lessons with Phil. He has learned more in this past year than in the two previous years combined. Our son enjoys Phil’s sense of humor and teaching style. We are looking forward to another great year! Thank you Phil!”

–Maureen M.